West Chester, PA. (WPHL)– The director of a child care center in Chester County is facing a list of charges after prosecutors say she failed to report abuse that happened inside of her facility. According to Chester Count District Attorney, 39-year-old Tiffany Nichols, is charged with endangering the welfare of children and failure to report child abuse.

Investigators say Nichols did not report to police that Victoria Aronson a teacher at The Malvern School was abusing children.  Aronson was charged in October. Prosecutors say since Nickols failed to report or remove Aronson from the students, the abuse continued, and law enforcement was unable to engage in a timely investigation.

Nichols was the executive director at The Malvern School in Westtown. District Attorney Deb Ryan said “it was the legal and moral duty of Tiffany Nichols to ensure the safety and care of all children at The Malvern School.”

Investigators say they learned that eyewitnesses had reported their concerns, as well as the abuse they had observed, to Nichols on three occasions.

• Sept. 28, 2021: An eyewitness expressed concern about Aronson’s lack of attentiveness to the children under her care. Nichols failed to investigate these concerns.

• Sept. 29, 2021: An eyewitness reported that Aronson had used unreasonable force on two children earlier that day. Nichols failed to contact Childline to make an official report of child abuse. She also failed to notify the parents and continued to give Aronson access to children in the school.

• Sept. 30, 2021: An eyewitness sent an email to Nichols describing Aronson’s physical abuse of three children on Sept. 28 and 29. Nichols met with the eyewitness shortly after receiving the email but failed to make an official report to Childline or notify the parents. She also failed to remove Aronson from the classroom until late in the afternoon, and still gave Aronson limited access to children the morning of Oct. 1.

Nichols was released on $35,000 bail.

Call Childline if you suspect child abuse: 1-800-932-0313.