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Theatre is back in Bristol! People will once again fill the seats at the Bristol Riverside Theatre to see “Murder for Two”. The show is a mystery, musical, comedy that is played by two actors that sing and play piano on stage.

Martin Landry plays the detective.

“He has a lot to prove,” said Landry. “He has a lot he wants to do, so he is desperate to solve this mystery prove himself and just to see wrench the suspects continue to throw into his path.”

Joe Kinosian plays all of the suspects. He is also the composer and co-wrote the show.

“We came up with this idea that would only involve two actors and kind of in the style of the Simpsons or family guy but really paying tribute to old films,” said Kinosian.

J. Scott Lapp is the director. He said it’s fun to work with the actors and said its more than a treat to have a live audience back.

“Going 18 months without being inside of venue was difficult,” he said. “Being so close in an intimate space to catch a comedy like this would be really nice to come back to.”

While this show is sure to draw a crowd the Bristol Riverside Theatre is keeping safety in mind. Part of the protocols require that all audience members wear a mask and show proof of vaccination.

That mix of mystery, comedy and music will probably make the audience escape reality and feel a sense of normalcy. The cast and crew think there are parallels with this play and real life.

“The characters at the top of the show are so far apart in wanting to work together and by the end of the night they realize it’s better to have a partner to go through things,” said Lapp. “So, I think the message of collaboration and finding someone to go through life with is the take away for me.”

“Open yourself up to other people. It strengthens you, it makes you better when you open yourself up to someone else,” said Landry. “It’s a heartwarming message.”