The family of fallen Temple University Police Sergeant, Chris Fitzgerald, have filed a civil lawsuit against the the family of alleged shooter Miles Pfeffer.

According to Marrone Law Firm, LLC, the law firm representing Sgt. Chris Fitzgerald’s survivors, a civil action lawsuit was filed on Thursday Morning at the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, against 18-year-old Miles Pfeffer’s mother, mother’s boyfriend, and father for negligence and wrongful death in the fatal incident.

The case also charges Pfeffer with murder, wrongful death, assault, battery, and other criminal acts for the death of Sgt. Fitzgerald.

According to the lawsuit, Pfeffer’s mother, her boyfriend, and Pfeffer’s father all had knowledge of Pfeffer’s mental instability, propensity for violence, and interest in firearms.

Leading up to the fatal shooting, Pfeffer has numerous dangerous warning signs including juvenile offenses, school infractions, a bomb scare, and threats to bring weapons to school.

The lawsuit cites Pfeffer’s family for their negligence and failure to take the necessary steps to prevent this tragedy from occurring.

“This lawsuit will hold Pfeffer’s family legally responsible for the negligence and enablement that contributed to Sgt. Fitzgerald’s tragic death,” said Joseph Marrone, Esq., founder of Marrone Law Firm, LLC. “Chris was a loving husband and father, as well as a dedicated officer with a distinguished record of service to the Temple University community. His senseless death has left a deep void in the lives of his family, friends, and fellow officers.”, he continued.

Sgt Chris Fitzgerald was tragically killed on February 18, 2023 when he was on patrol as a Temple University Police Officer and noticed three individuals dressed in all black clothing and wearing face masks. Sgt. Fitzgerald attempted to conduct a pedestrian investigation when the three suspects attempted to flee.. When Sgt. Fitzgerald began a foot pursuit of the suspects, two of them successfully got away leaving Sgt, Fitzgerald and Pfeffer alone. Sgt. Fitzgerald caught up to Pfeffer and instructed him to get to the ground. Pfeffer disobeyed which is when Officer Fitzgerald and Pfeffer began to tussle behind an SUV. Pfeffer then pulled out a handgun and fatally shot Officer Fitzgerald. After shooting Sgt. Fitzgerald an additional 3 times, Pfeffer also attempted to steal the officer’s gun, before fleeing the scene.

On February 21, District Attorney Larry Krasner announces charges against Pfeffer for murder, murder of a law enforcement officer, robbery, theft, evading arrest, disarming a law enforcement officer, carjacking, terroristic threats, obstruction of justice, and related firearm offences.

On February 24, hundreds of mourners gathered at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul to pay their respects for the fallen officer.

“Today’s action serves as a reminder of the importance of pursuing justice and accountability in cases involving brutal and preventable acts of violence. As the legal process unfolds, the entire country will be watching closely, hoping for a just resolution for Sgt. Fitzgerald’s family,” said Mr. Marrone. “They urge everyone to remember the dedicated service of Sgt. Fitzgerald and to honor his memory by working towards a safer and more just society.”

This lawsuit comes as the most recent development in the fatal shooting of Sgt. Chris Fitzgerald.