Classic meatball recipe driving success at Italian Market staple

PHL17 News

Villa Di Roma has been a fixture in Philadelphia’s Italian Market for more than 60 years and the restaurant’s ever consistent meatballs have been a huge part of the success.

“We use all beef unlike some people do we do not use veal or pork,” said Vill Di Roma Chef and owner Frank DeLuca. “You know you get that juice, the fat of the beef helps it stay nice and beefy.”

Frank and his two brothers took over the operation from their father, who bought the Italian staple in 1963. During that time only four people have made the restaurant’s meatballs with gravy and Frank’s brother Basil now in charge.

“My oldest brother is the boss. Me and Basil. Basil has his thing that he does. I do the cooking in the kitchen. Take care o the quality control, the ordering,” added Frank DeLuca. “We all have our spot and guess what we all take a lot of pride in it, I wouldn’t want to do anything else.”

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