City of Murals offers Walking Tours

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Philadelphia has many claims to fame but here is one you may not have heard of, Philadelphia is the mural capital of the world. Thousands of walls have been converted in masterpieces.

“They are wonderful, they are like Philadelphia water ice and hoagies.” Said Tish Byrne of Mural Arts Philadelphia.

It started as an anti-graffiti movement but now every mural is a part of the city’s landscape and a source of pride, earning Philadelphia international recognition as the “City of Murals.”

“We go through the Philadelphia neighbors and you get a sense of the diversity of our Philadelphia scene and who we are.” Said Tish is a guide for the walking tours, enlightening visitors and connecting with the community. “So it’s a history you’re going to learn about art you’re going to learn about culture”

With more than 4000 murals in the city alone, You can’t possibly see them all but one tour will take you to nearly 20 giving you a taste for neighborhood and city.

“It isn’t really about the pretty painting on the wall it’s about the communities that are served. And how we are totally involved with those communities.” Said Tish.

Walking tours make the world’s largest outdoor art gallery easily accessible. Art that is igniting change.

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