Almost a week after securing the Democratic Nominee for Philadelphia Mayor, Cherelle Parker held a press conference and addressed the public for the first time.

She began by thanking her supporters and the city of Philadelphia saying, “Together we did it”.

In the Monday afternoon press conference, Parker addressed the cities issues of gun violence, public education, and her plans to create more economic opportunity and support Philadelphia’s small businesses.

Prior to the conference, Parker sat down with Governor Josh Shapiro, announcing her plans to find bipartisan support to fund initiatives, increase public safety, restore and better the Philadelphia Police Department, and make Philadelphia a cleaner and greener city.

Parker also took some time to address the root canal surgery that kept her from celebrating her primary election win with her supporters.

She explained that in February 2023 her dentist had recommended a tooth removal procedure, due to a cracked root canal from many years ago.

Knowing she couldn’t slow down on the campaign trail, Parker began taking antibiotics and putting off the procedure for as long as her body would allow it.

Noting that the procedure took place on the Friday evening before Election day, Parker recalled not giving herself enough time to rest and recover, ultimately leading to the dental emergency on Election night.

Spending that night at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, parker joked “I had some company, maybe not the company I wanted.” She was released from the hospital the following morning.

Throughout the conference, Parker thanked her fellow candidates and discussed her plans for bettering Philadelphia, if she is elected 100th Mayor.

Democrat Cherelle Parker will run against Republican David Oh in the November 7 General Election. If elected, she will become Philadelphia’s first black, female, mayor.