Are you hosting a holiday party this year? Well if you’re looking for something to spice up your holiday dinner table, how about making a holiday themed Charcuterie board?

Be Well Fed Co-Owner, Adrianna Hecht joined us on the show this morning to give us some Charcuterie Board ideas and talk about Be Well Fed.

How to make a Charcuterie Santa:

  1. Cut off thin top layer of Brie
  2. Carve little mustache out of cheese
  3. Carve beard out of cheese
  4. Add a Raspberry for Santa’s mouth
  5. Use sliced meats for Santa’s hat
  6. Add garnishes like grapes, crackers, herbs
  7. Have fun and be creative!

Be Well Fed is a healthy delivery meal prep service located in Northern Liberties.

You can check out their weekly menu, place an order, and your meals will be delivered Sunday Night between 4:00pm-9pm or Monday morning between 6-9:30am.

Visit their Instagram @Be_Wellfed or check out their website at BeWellFed.