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If you want to raise awareness to a cause- here’s one way to do it. Plan a nine-thousand mile bike ride across the country.

That’s what Founder and CEO of Caring Senior Service Jeff Salter is doing, and he just made his way through Philadelphia.

Caring Senior Service is a national in-home, non-medical care provider committed to improving the lives of seniors so they can remain healthy, happy and at home.

To celebrate Caring Senior Service’s 30th anniversary, Jeff Salter is embarking on a 9,000-mile cross-country e-bike tour to visit all 45 Caring Senior Service locations and launch their “Close the Gap in Senior Care” movement to raise awareness for overlooked and underserved aspects of senior care.

Salter’s bike tour kicked off in San Antonio, TX on April 1, 2021, with four months of cycling ahead of him to visit and meet with Caring franchise owners, city leaders, senior citizen activists, business members and caregivers to spearhead efforts to start local conversations about senior care needs.

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