The Central Bucks school board approved a nearly $700,000 payout for its outgoing superintendent on Tuesday night.

The six-figure severance package for Abram Lucabaugh came under fire from community members who vocalized their concerns to board members, according to The Inquirer.

Those reports say that Abram Lucabaugh is expected to receive that payout of over $700,000 after the school board voted 6-3 on the terms of Lucabaugh’s resignation.

Lucabaugh was not present at the meeting, according to The Inquirer.

The Inquirer reports that this comes less than a week after Democrats won the school board race. The Republican-controlled board voted on the separation agreement before Democrats take over next month.

The school district’s chief financial officer said she didn’t know how the payout would impact the budget yet, because it was only added to the board’s agenda on Monday night, according to The Inquirer.

Those reports say Lucabaugh signed a new contract with a 40% raise this summer.

The Inquirer reports that his severance package will include a year’s salary and more than $200,000 in unused sick time

The board also approved a ban on transgender athletes playing on sports teams aligned with their gender identities, according to The Inquirer.

The district faced backlash earlier this year when the board banned school staff from using students’ chosen names and pronouns without parental permission, according to The Inquirer.

Officials say Assistant Superintendent Charles Malone will serve as interim superintendent.