Jack’s Donuts on White Horse Pike in South Jersey is an iconic breakfast spot that has been churning out the tasty circular treats for more than 35 years. Selatte Lana recently purchased the restaurant and says she fell in love with the homey feel of the shop.

“I like the atmosphere it’s very cozy, very warm, here is the place where you never feel alone,” said Lana. “Everyone comes here and they find a friend and talk to someone and if there is no one to talk to they will talk to us,” added Lana.

Jack’s Donuts will sell anywhere from 800 to 1,000 donuts on a very busy day and each is made fresh every single day. Lana says the shop has a lot of repeat customers over the years and is confident that if a new visitor stops in for a donut or breakfast, they will most likely be back.

“They say I pass by here all the time and was just curious I decided to stop by today and then a week later they come back oh you’re right they’re great donuts,” added Lana.  “I take them to work, everybody love it. Let me get another dozen, half dozen. They always come back.”