Celebrate National Dessert Day with three of the best desserts in Philadelphia

PHL17 News

Social media influencer Josh Moore of @JoshEatsPhilly talked about three of the most decadent desserts in Philadelphia right now!

First up, Croquembouche from The Wayward, located in Center City at Philadelphia’s East Market neighborhood.

Made with Federal Donuts as the base, this is a unique take on a classic croquembouche dessert. The donuts provide the perfect base, elevated with cream and a warm caramel drizzle that take the dessert to the next level. You can find The Wayward in the Canopy Hotel.

Next, a classic Tiramisu from Dolce Italian, a new Italian restaurant located within the W Hotel in the heart of Center City.

The soaked ladyfingers provide a light base, and coffee serves as the perfect counter balance to break through the richness of the mascarpone. A dusting of cacao on top finishes off the dish.

Finally, a Whipped Raspberry Cheesecake Parfait from The Love located in Rittenhouse.

The Love’s whipped cheesecake incorporates air and transforms the dessert into something still rich, but lighter. The addition of raspberry and candied pistachios provide brightness, sweetness and an added texture, and the infusion of warm cardamom spice and orange zest gives the dessert a seasonal fall feel.

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