Philadelphia (WPHL)- The Philadelphia Eagles clinched a wild card berth after defeating the Washington Football Team and having help from other matchups Sunday night.

In an old-fashioned NFC East rivalry game, the Eagles defeated the WFT 20-16. With 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter, WFT quarterback Taylor Heinicke throws an interception to Eagles cornerback Rodney Mcleod Jr to seal the game for the birds.

The Eagles improved to (9-7) on the season after the game and need help from the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers to clinch a playoff berth.

In the Eagles favor, the both the 49ers and the Packers won convincingly. 49ers defeated the Texans 23-7 while the Packers defeated the Vikings 37-10.

This was huge for the birds since they play the Dallas Cowboys next week in the final regular-season game. The Eagles have not beaten any playoff-caliber teams this season.

Teams the Eagles lost to this season:

  • (9-7) 49ers
  • (11-5) Cowboys
  • (11-5) Chiefs
  • (12-4) Buccaneers
  • (9-7) Raiders
  • (9-7) Chargers
  • (4-12) Giants

Teams the Eagles beaten this season:

  • (7-9) Falcons
  • (5-11) Panthers
  • (2-13) Lions
  • (7-9) Broncos
  • (8-8) Saints
  • (4-12) Giants
  • (4-12) Jets
  • (6-10) WFT x2

There will be no bad teams, so it’s time for the birds to show they can defeat good teams, starting with the Cowboys on Saturday.

Jalen Hurts and the Eagle’s run game is the best league, but they are towards the bottom through the air. They will be going into the playoffs as the worst passing offense.

This can be a huge concern if the Eagles get down early in a game and will have to play catch up by actually throwing the ball.

Based on the standings today, the Eagles will play the Buccaneers at Tampa Bay. Tom Brady will love to send the Eagles home early after losing to the birds in the Super Bowl.

The potential matchup will be a shootout! If they expect to beat the defending champs, the Eagles will have to score high and throw the ball.

This should be an exciting upcoming two weeks for Eagles fans.

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