Bryce Harper’s Speakeasy Re-Opens

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PHL17’s Alyssa Sullivan visited Blind Barber as they celebrate the grand opening they never had at their barbershop/speakeasy.

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Blind Barber opened after the pandemic began and just weeks before the official city shut-down. Blind  Barber is the only concept of its kind in Philadelphia and one of only several of its kind in the country. The hybrid concept features a classic barbershop that opens to the back through a secret door into a speakeasy restaurant and double-level back bar. Blind Barber never had its official grand opening – as they were shut-down by two things: Rules and regs pertaining to restaurants and bars, and rules and regs pertaining to barbershops. Now, as we enter fall and the COVID case count numbers are decreasing and vaccinations numbers are going up, Blind Barber is ready to relaunch and celebrate the grand opening they never had. Starting this week, they will open up fully to five days a week and expanded hours all around for the restaurant and back bar, and the barbershop is now open seven days a week. They have a brand new and larger menu from their brand new Chef Alex Young – with new seasonal offerings, updated cocktails and additional food selections from the limited menu during their soft launch last year. They now are engaged in new special events, weekly DJs, dancing, rentals and much more.

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