Philadelphia (WPHL)– The Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers have many of the same problems right now. Both teams can’t defend as well as they did the previous season and are dealing with injuries to their respective stars.

The similarities continue when you look at the NBA standings. They have identical records (15-13) as of December 14, 2021, and are 6th in their respective conferences. Neither team is happy about where they are currently seeded, and the fans of both organizations are blaming their Point Guards.

NBA Standings 12/14/2021 2:00 p.m.

76ers fans have been bashing Ben Simmons since last season’s playoffs exit to the Hawks. Since the deadline, the team has been trying to trade him, but President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey wants a star in return for the 6’10 PG. According to ESPN, Simmons told the 76ers front office he is not “mentally ready to play for the team.

Simmons has not played a game or practiced with the team this season. His agency Klutch Sports, wants him to play for a West coast team. Not many teams out west have available stars the Morey will want.

With Damian Lillard saying he wants to stay put, Micheal Porter Jr. being out indefinitely, and the Sacramento King’s refusal to trade De’Aaron Fox, makes it tuff for Morey to trade Simmons for his equal value.

However, a new team out west may jump on Morey’s radar after Bleacher Report released a story about the Lakers are having internal discussions on trade scenarios for Westbrook.

Westbrook recently joined the Lakers this off-season and fans already want him out. Lakers have been struggling and the Anthony Davis, Lebron James, and Westbrook trio doesn’t seem to fit.

Trading Westbrook for Simmons will help both teams instantly. The Sixers will gain another scorer who can run Pick n Roll with Joel Embiid and play with so much emotion every night that Philly fans will love. Lakers will get a guard to find shooters and guard the best player on the opposing team.

Of course, there will be flaws, but nothing is perfect. Both teams will instantly be better than they were yesterday, and the trade will fix some of the significant problems the teams have currently.

This trade leaves everyone happy, including the front office, fans, and the players. Both front offices get to move on from a glaring problem that doesn’t work. Laker and Sixers fans will finally get their wish seeing their starting PG off their team. Finally, both Simmons and Westbrook will love their new roles.

Westbrook can go back to having the ball in his hand to create and attack the basket whenever he feels like it. Simmons will finally be in LA, where he brought his 17.5 mansion and won’t be asked to do much on the basketball court.

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