Avalon closes beaches and boardwalk overnight due to unruly crowds

PHL17 News

Avalon, New Jersey is cracking down on large groups after Mayor Martin Pagliughi says teenagers are causing trouble.

The mayor signed Executive Order 2021-07 that restricts access to the beach and boardwalk during certain hours until further notice.  

“The continuance of this order is to provide our local police department with the necessary authority to disperse large groups of individuals who are congregating in unmanageable numbers on public property which often results in unsafe and disruptive behavior”, Pagliughi said.

Officials say the beach and boardwalk have experienced vandalism to public property and excessive litter and debris created by large groups of individuals who congregate at night.

Beaches will be closed from 9 pm until 4 am and people will not be allowed on the boardwalk after 11 pm.

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