Since 2010, Manakeesh Bakery and Cafe on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia has been a go to spot for so many searching for that perfect piece of Baklava.

“Here we pride ourselves its still flaky and crunchy when we finish the final product.,” said Adam Chatila. “We put just the right amount of syrup its not too sweet and its still sweet and crunchy.”

The flaky sweet and savory treat is made exactly the way its been made in Lebanon for centuries and is one of Manakeesh’s top sellers. The eatery is a favorite for many folks in the area of Middle Eastern descent but Chatila says they pride themselves in reaching the guests with a lot less cultural experience.

“We serve as a connection between the Middle East and America so it kind of shows people they come in here, they’re like I feel like I’m in a different country, so we branch out and get to show our culture and extend our hand and break bread with them.”