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New Leash on Life USA is an organization dedicated to rehabilitating inmates and rescue dogs. Now for the first time the program is being made available for women who are incarcerated in Philadelphia.

­­ROB ROSA / Assoc. VP of Prison Operations for New Leash on Life USA

“We rescue dogs from kill shelters and we bring them into the prison and we pair them with inmates so that the inmates can train the dogs to give them a better chance at adoptions.”


IKEA / Inmate

“We were picked out of seven hundred women from Riverside Correctional Facility, only eight of us were picked, so it’s a new opportunity, a new chance so I’m down for it.”



“What it means for the prisoners is, it’s an opportunity for them to. 1 Get in touch with the compassion within them, while they’re working with the dogs, and 2, when they are released, an opportunity to get gainful employment once they’re released with the skills that they learn.



“It means a lot, it means that society has not forgot about me, it’s giving me a second chance on life, it’s a great opportunity for me. My dog is a little afraid so it’s exciting because I’m afraid too, so we both can share that and getting over it together.



“They don’t see inmates as inmates, they see them as people whose gonna provide love and care for them. They’re gonna learn positive reinforcement training with dogs they’re also gonna learn some medical through vet tech that’s gonna come in and work with them about shelter medicine and how to care for your dog, grooming, and they also going to learn six weeks of life skills to make better decisions in life and also job readiness.”


SHARON/ Inmate

“They feel loved. They feel loved. I don’t know how to – – – most of them were abused in their life and now it’s a great opportunity to show them love, and they feel it already. They’re happy.”