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Philadelphia (WPHL)- According to police, there were 65 shots fired and six people injured in another vicious night in Philadelphia.

The shooting happened around 11:40 pm Thursday in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.

Police say numerous 911 calls came in about bullets flying on the 5100 block of Germantown Avenue. When police arrived, they found a 21-year-old female with bullet wounds in her chest and torso, police say.

Police took the woman to Temple University Hospital, where doctors placed her in critical condition, investigators say.

As the investigation continued, five men showed up to Einstein Medical Center and Temple Hospital with gunshot wounds, police say. According to detectives, three men showed up to Temple Hospital ranging from 23 to 29.

According to detectives, one of the men was grazed in his head, and the other two men were shot in their arms and legs. They were all placed in stable condition by doctors at Temple Hospital.

Meanwhile, at Einstein Hospital, two men ages 19 and 21 suffered gunshot wounds to their legs, police say. Both males were placed in stable condition by doctors at Einstein Hospital.

Once the crime scene was held, police say they found more than 65 spent shell casings, and four struck unattended cars. Police are confident in finding out who is responsible due to the numerous cameras in the area.