The “coldblooded” murder of beloved teacher, and Montgomery County mom, Rachel King, has now been put to rest after authorities arrested the two people responsible for her death.

33 -year-old Zakkee Steven Alhakim, and 34-year-old Julie Jean, were arrested and charged for the April 11 murder of 35-year-old Rachel King.

That morning, King had been driving her son, Jalen, to his violin lesson, when they decided to take a pit-stop at a local Dunkin’.

Just moments after King arrived, Alhakim had parked his vehicle and walked up to the driver’s side of King’s vehicle, which had both King and her son, and fired numerous shots through the window.

Unbeknownst to King was the fact that Alhakim and Jean had been planning her murder since mid-February after Jean had an affair with King’s long-time partner, William Hayes.

Authorities revealed that even after Hayes had called off the affair with Jean, she continued to call, text, and harass the couple, leading Hayes to obtain a Protection From Abuse Order against Jean.

Based on evidence found on their cell phones, authorities say that Alhakim and Jean, who are related through one of Jean’s children had met up and planned the gruesome killing of King on February 25th. On Alkahim’s phone, police had found a picture of King’s exact residence with a red arrow showing a safe route to take to the house, a picture of King on a cellphone which is believed to be Jean’s, and screenshot of King’s Facebook photos.

Through forensic examination, police were able to find out that 787 texts had been deleted from Jean’s phone, just 13 minutes prior to her interview with detectives on April 12.

Many of the text message were recovered, including the last correspondence between Jean and Alhakim which was a $5 Cashapp payment, saying, “link up, message me, no phones, that’s it.”

The Silver Mercury Sable which Alhakim had driven on the day of King’s murder was a leading clue in his arrest.

Just two weeks before the murder of King, Alhakim had purchased the vehicle in Jean’s name.

On the day of the murder, patrolling Philadelphia Police officers had spotted the Mercury Sable, which was involved in a murder on 5100 N Broad Street on April 7th, as well as King’s murder. Officers had attempted to stop the Mercury when it fled at a high speed and crashed into a fence on 16th street. This is when Alhakim was taken into custody and charged with the April 7th murder. At this point, authorities had not been aware that Alhakim was involved in King’s murder.

At the crash site, police had found eleven 9mm fired bullet casings, which were later linked to King’s murder, through the Montgomery County’s new ‘National integrated Ballistic Information Network’ machine.

Police had later found a picture on Alhaki’s phone, depicting the ghost-gun he had used.

Jean is currently being held at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility on charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy. Alkahim is being held at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility on charges of First-Degree Murder, Third-Degree Murder, Conspiracy and Possessing an Instrument of Crime.

“This cold-blooded killing of Rachel King was a targeted murder of an innocent person, planned by these two defendants and horrifically carried out in front of King’s son,” said Montgomery County District Attorney, Kevin Steele. “It is a tragic killing of a good person, all because of an ended affair.”