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The WWE’s very own Sami Zayn stopped by the studio to talk Monday Night Raw.

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WWE is in the City of Brotherly Love for their staple program, and it's sure to be an exciting show.

The Philadelphia crowd knows you well, you wrestle for different organizations based in Philly.  What are the crowds like? You know we are known for being rapid sports fans.

"Yeah it definitely travels to the wrestling world as well.. long before I joined the WWE the reputation of Philly crowds seeded itself and they are all really great and its all kind of fickle which I guess is part of the Philly thing isn't it?"

I'm curious, is this something that you always saw yourself doing?

"Well ever since I was a kid I knew I wanted to be either a hockey player or wrestler.. I guess one of them worked out.. my parents never put me in hockey so here I am today."

Lets talk about that. You were born in Canada, you're a big hockey fan.. I guess you're a big Montreal fan?

"Yes that is true, yes."

Now I don't know if you're aware of this, the Flyers have won 9 in a row.

"Yeah I play fantasy hockey and I have Wayne Simmonds on my team so I'm always checking the stats. They're doing great this year."

So without giving too much away, can you tell us what to expect for Monday night raw

"Yeah its a live show that is on across the country its their flagship show that plays not only across the country but all over the world its a good time.."

For tickets and more information on the event head to wellsfargocenterphilly.com.

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