Wings Players Learn How to Make Wooden Lacrosse Sticks

PHL17 Morning News
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PHILADELPHIA, PA – Frank Brown is a transition player on the Philadelphia Wings and says ever since he was a young child he always owned a wooden lacrosse stick. Brown told PHL17 he is a member of the Seneca tribe and was given a traditional wooden stick by his uncle at the age of seven. Although Brown says only played in leagues with the stick for two years, Brown says the stick was always with him.

Brown says he still uses a wooden stick in a traditional “medicine game,” which is played a few times a year.

Tucked away in a small wood shop in Frankford, Justin Skaggs designs traditional wooden lacrosse sticks. Skaggs says he shares the sticks on and features other artists.

On Thursday, several Wings players had the opportunity to learn the Skaggs process and even string their own sticks!



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