West Chester native’s locally made film to premiere on March 4th

PHL17 Morning News

Filmmaker and actor Carrie Brennan wanted to write a film about the internal struggles that people go through when their struggling with issues that other people may not know about. 
“I think that everyone has a block, and the block can be anything. For me, it was being gay but for someone else it can come in the form of so many different things…addiction, struggles with relationships, family issues. Everyone has their block.”  

About the film from Block the Film

After coming to terms with the fact that she’s gay, Kit O’Brien’s internal homophobia becomes personified in the form of a 30-pound cement cinder block. 

Invisible to everyone else but her, Kit realizes that the only way to shake this burden is to face her fears – she’s gotta come out. What begins as a struggle to reveal her true self to the world turns into a remarkable journey of release, acceptance, and celebration.

After years of writing and creating the film, the West Chester native is ready for its premiere. 

“It will hopefully inspire people to see where they are, what their block is and have the courage to face it.”  

To watch the official trailer and get your tickets for the virtual premiere, click here.

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