Villanova’s PA Announcer Talks March Madness

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All eyes on the Villanova Wildcats as they take on West Virginia for March Madness. PHL17’s Jason Lee sat down with Nova’s PA Announcer Jim Bachman to talk about the game.

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Bachman talked about some of the upsets the overall tournament has seen thus far.

"Shocked is a great way to put it, but you know what - March Madness... it's just that. It's madness. Any team can lose, any team can win. Virginia going down. You knew a one was eventually going to lose, but that's a team I thought was so dominant all year. That was one I didn't see, but the other ones... it happens all the time and that's what's great about this tournament. "

When asked if he felt better about Villanova's chances now that they don't have to face those powerhouses, Bachman said it didn't really affect Villanova in the east bracket.

"We still have to go through a number two seed Purdue. We gotta get through a fifth seed Virginia so the powerhouses on our side of the bracket are still there. If we advance, we still have to face a possible Duke team in the Final Four. On our side of the bracket we haven't benefited."

Key to a Villanova win against West Virginia? Handling the pressure.

"West Virginia is an up-tempo press team. They're gonna full court press 94 feet of basketball. If they [Villanova] shoot the way they can and the way they have, they're a tough team to beat."

The key to Villanova's 2016 successful season was senior leadership, but this year there are no technical seniors.

"When you have a Jalen Brunson, Mikal Bridges... they've been there. They've been to the big game and it's equivalent to having a senior on the team. They have the senior leadership without having the word senior next to their name."

Talking about Jay Wright, Bachman said he is just what you see on TV.

"He is a Villanova guy, he's a Philadelphia guy. He loves the Eagles. He loves the fact that the Eagles took the pressure off him this season."

Bachman's game prediction?

"This is gonna be a tough game. It's going to be a little bit lower scoring. I can see Villanova winning 73-68."

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