Unwind with Yoga on National Relaxation Day

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National Relaxation Day falls in the middle of August every year! As the summer winds down and back to school responsibilities start to pile up, it can be hard to find some time to unwind.

Christine DiTroia from the Voorhees Hot Yoga Center talked about simple ways to take a moment and relax.

The benefits of yoga have been proven time and time again.

“It helps with circulation, mindfulness and awareness and just gives you that moment of ‘stop, think before we respond.'”

It starts with being aware of your posture. Neck stretches are an option for those who are confined to a desk all day.

“Neck stretching is a big deal because people hold a lot of tension in the neck.”

Although hot yoga can be stressful for some, it has fantastic benefits.

“When we do hot yoga, we move the spine in all directions and the spinal column is our major energy channel. It allows the body to figure out how to stay relaxed in a stressed situation.”

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