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Do you want to get fit while relieving some stress?  UFC Springfield in Delaware County is the perfect place to get your body in shape.

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"The number one advantage of UFC gym is the accountability," says Vinnie Vellucci, owner and head coach of UFC Springfield.

This gym features one-on-one training, daily classes for adults and youth children, and the option to use the open gym.

With over 600 members, Vellucci says, "We really have a great mix. We get everyone from college athletes and quite a few baby boomers and folks in their late 50s and early 60s who keep up with the young bucks."

You don't need to be an athlete or a professional fighter to join this gym. Although these UFC coaches are former athletes, they take regular clientele like soccer moms or teachers and create fun and dynamic workouts for all body types.

To test out the training, Erin Dolan got in the ring  to relieve some stress.

"With anything else boxing is a skill and we are not training professionals here. We are training regular people, but because we are legitimate fighters we can teach proper techniques, so A you get a better workout,  B it's safer, and C it's fun. And it's a great stress reliever to just hit something," says Vellucci.

Taking part in one-on-one boxing isn't the only thing UFC Springfield offers. You can also take part in a variety of classes.

"We do boxing and kickboxing. We do daily "Ultimate Training", which is boot camp and circuit type training. Probably our most popular class is "Booty Boxing", which you do a lot of punching bag work and booty work. We do a TRX workout which is super popular because it is a total buy workout and focuses on the core," says Vellucci.

You can also workout in the gym with free weights, but Vellucci says, "You are mainly doing a group class or a private session where you have a coach that is holding you accountable, that is helping with nutrition and form, and really motivating you to push through much harder than you would push yourself."

Through September, UFC Springfield is running a promotion where you can pay $10 dollars for 10 days of training.

For more information on how you can join, head to ufcgym.com/springfield.

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