Two Iconic Philadelphia Brands Join Forces

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With over 250 years of combined history in Philadelphia, Tastykake and Bassett’s Ice Cream are teaming up for “Tastykake’s Scoop Shop.”

Tastykake’s Scoop Shop is a combination of beloved tastykakes and ice cream flavors. The Cookies & Cream mini doughnut is the first to hit the shelves, but not far behind is a chocolate chip cookie sandwich with mint chocolate chip filling and a chocolate chip cookie dough junior.

In honor of Tastykake’s Scoop Shop, Bassett’s is putting together a limited-time offer milkshake made with Bassett’s cookie and cream ice cream and Tastykake’s latest mini doughnut. The doughnut is blended into the milkshake, which is then topped with whip cream and pieces of the doughnut.

You can get one of these milkshakes at the Reading Terminal Market and find Tastykake’s latest products in stores nationwide.

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