Training Your Dog on National Dog Day

PHL17 Morning News
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August 26th marks National Dog Day! Philadelphia-based dog trainer Josh Newcomb brought along some pups to PHL17 to share tips on how to break bad puppy habits.

Josh’s top two tips involve interaction with others and types of leashes.

“I do not allow them from a young age to leave my physical presence to go to you. You can come to them, but they’re not allowed to leave me,” said Josh.

This practice prevents a puppy’s habit of jumping on others. When it comes to leashes, Josh suggests keeping a looser grip on the leash.

“The more pressure you put on a dog, the more they’re going to pull. Believe it or not, it’s the opposite. The tighter you hold them, the more they get away from the pressure.”

Josh offers both private lessons and immersion training. For more information, click here.

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