Time Crunch Tuesday: Healthy Snack Ideas When Pressed For Time

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When you’re pressed for time and always on the go, eating healthy can be even harder than it already is.

Julie Palumbo, Certified Nutrition and Health Coach joined us for another “Time Crunch Tuesday” to help us get on track.

Whether it’s in the office, commuting on public transportation or even on a flight, there are a few snacks you can prepare to help you make smart choices.

Put your condiments and spreads in a baggie. This allows you to buy in bulk and pre-portion it out, rather than buying pre-packaged condiments that are more pricey.

“If you’re mindlessly snacking and taking right from the jar, you don’t really know exactly how much you’re getting,” Palumbo said. These tricks allow you to perfectly portion out what you want to eat for each snack so you don’t overeat.

Yogurt is another snack that contains a lot of added sugars, but can be healthy for you if done right.

“The best bet is to just go plain and bring your own honey with you,” Palumbo said. “That way you can control the amount of sweetness you put into it.”

The same goes for salads. Packing dressing in baggies allows you to control how much you put on that salad so it doesn’t turn into an unhealthy meal, and it makes for easy clean up so you don’t have smelly containers.

But just how much dressing should you add? “I would say use about two tablespoons max,” Palumbo said. “And that’s for a regular bottle dressing; however the better option is to make your own olive oil and vinegar in the bag.”

For more snacking tips and tricks, head to Julie’s website at BestWholeSelf.com.

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