TIK-TOK Updates Privacy and Default Settings for Minors

PHL17 Morning News

Tik-Tok announced Wednesday it will now increase safety measures for teenage users from the ages of 13-15 years old to make their experience safer while using the popular video app.

The new default privacy setting will make all accounts belonging to this age group private. This setting will only allow teenage users to share video with their followers only, which now means users will have to approve friend requests a similar feature other social media apps. tend to use.

Tik-Tok will now also prohibit the direct messaging feature as well as blocking the option to live stream.

TikTok also announced its new partnership with Common Sense Networks, a media company focused on creating and curating age-appropriate and engaging media experiences for kids and families.

The partnership will see Common Sense Networks working with TikTok to provide additional guidance on the appropriateness of its content for users under 13.

A Tik-Tok spokesperson says he hopes the newly emplaced changes will limit comments left by strangers on content created by minors.

These changes come a month after federal regulators ordered Tik-Tok and other social media companies to provide information on how they collect consumers personal data.

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