Tik Tok is bringing people together amid pandemic

PHL17 Morning News
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You may have noticed how the video sharing site, Tik Tok has exploded in popularity. 

The fact that it coincided with the pandemic is no accident.  Nick and Kelsey were joined this morning by Clint Salter, the Founder and CEO of the Dance Studio Owners Association, to talk about why Tik Tok has gotten so big. 

Clint says it’s about more than just posting videos.  Tik Tok is helping to keep people close, while having to be socially distant. 

Clint also talks about how the site is helping people keep their sanity amongst all the craziness. 

If you need to know what goes into making a viral Tik Tok video, Clint has advice for that too. The Tik Tok dances will continue for a long time.  In fact, Clint works with thousands and thousands of dance studios, and he tells us how instructors are using Tik Tok to keep their students motivated. 

We started our own Tik Tok segment here at PHL17, called “Tik Tok Tuesday”, with our Traffic Anchor Jenna Meissner.  For her fist “Tik Tok Tuesday”, Jenna splashed water on her Mom.  Clint gives his thoughts on that too. 

For more information on what Clint does, you can check out DSOA.com.