This Day in History – 11/2

PHL17 Morning News

Pittsburgh radio station KDKA broadcasts ca. 1920. KDKA is credited with the first radio news report when it broadcast Associated Press election returns in 1920, as Warren G. Harding defeated James M. Cox for president. (AP Photo)

1920 – The first radio station in America, KDKA in Pittsburgh, PA, hits the air. They came on the air with Presidential and Local election coverage.
1959 – Game show contestant Charles Van Doren admitted that the popular show “Twenty-One” was fixed.
1969 – The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album goes to #1 and stays there for 11 weeks.
1972 – Steve Carlton wins the National League Cy Young Award. He won 27 games for the Phils that year, on a team that won only 57 games total. So he won 45% of his team’s games … still a record.
1977 – Carlton wins his 2nd Cy Young Award.
1983 – President Ronald Reagan signs a bill establishing the Martin Luther King, Jr holiday.

Pro Golfer Gary Player – 85
Hall of Fame pitcher (and former Phillie…briefly) Fernando Valenzuela – 60
“Friends” star David Schwimmer – 54
Singer Nelly – 46
San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garapolo – 29