The Pros and Cons of Your Parenting Style

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Every parent has a special parenting style.

A helicopter parent is one who typically hovers over their child’s every move.

A lawnmower parent is known to go to extreme measures to clear every potential obstacle from the child’s path.

The tiger style is a more authoritarian approach that pressures kids into reaching high levels of success.

And finally a panda parent- a newly named parenting style- is more hand-off and allows kids to explore on their own, while the parent intervenes when needed.

Which is your style, and which would work best for your family? Author Michael Cavallaro joined us to explain more about the styles, and his biggest pros and cons of each.

Helicopter Parenting
Pro: Helicopter parents are highly protective and likely to know where their kids are at all times, which is an important safety consideration.
Con: Children can lack emotional resilience and independence, which can affect them into adulthood.

Lawnmower Parenting
These parents can help children feel safe and secure.
With every challenge consistently being cleared, a sense of entitlement or narcissism in your child is more likely to develop.

Tiger Parenting
Pro: Raising a child in this way can lead to them being more productive, motivated and responsible.
Con: Children can struggle to function in daily life or in new settings, which may lead to depression, anxiety and poor social skills.

Panda Parenting
Pro: It allows children to be more independent and pick up responsibilities at a younger age.
Con: You aren’t doing everything for your children, which can be perceived as lazy parenting.

For more information, visit Michael’s website here.