Teaching Your Kids About The Importance of Charity

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As the season of giving kicks off, it’s important to remember that charity begins at home!

Author and Certified Financial Planner Liz Frazier joins us to discuss the steps to help your children understand charity and donations, and how to motivate them into getting involved in giving back.

Liz says, “By instilling charitable values in your children now, giving will continue to be a part of their everyday life.  The children who are taught to give back while young will be able to change the world as adults.”

3 piggy bank system: Save, Spend, and Share.

  1. Explaining Charity: Use everyday examples that are easy for children to understand, and that charitable acts are any acts of kindness, even at home.
  2. Encourage Gratitude: Lead by example and show your appreciation for little things and life, and your child will follow suit. Ask them what they are grateful and thankful for each day, which will build their compassion and fuel their desire to give back
  3. Show Your Child the Good in the Bad: While we can’t shield our children from learning about tragedy, such as disastrous weather events of acts of violence, we can explain to them these events in a way they will understand but will not make them fearful. Show them the good coming from these events, such as blood drives, collecting goods, or rebuilding homes, and ask them how they think they can help.
  4. Get them Involved: Begin with small acts to show them charity is all around us, such as picking up liter, volunteering at animal shelters or soup kitchens, or asking for donations for their birthdays
  5. Donating Money: Make donations fun by creating a 3 piggy bank system: Save, Spend, and Share. The “Share” jar will go to an organization in need that your child is passionate about!

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