Some Local Lawmakers said they will not attend Trump Inauguration

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The boycott against Donald Trump’s inauguration continues to grow, including some officials from our area.

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Around three dozen democratic lawmakers will be absent from trump's inauguration on Friday. Two of them are from Philadelphia with another from South Jersey.

Part of the controversy stems from comments made between the president-elect and Georgia congressman John Lewis.

Last Friday, Lewis said that he would not be attending trump's inauguration because he does not consider a him a legitimate president.

Mister Trump fired back by tweeting that Lewis should, "spend more time fixing his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart."

Yesterday, congressman Dwight Evans tweeted  "I stand with John Lewis. I will not be attending the inauguration. Russian hacking must be investigated and i do not support the repeal of the affordable are act."

Representative Brendan Boyle also announced he would not attend the ceremony.
on Facebook, he said, "I believe Donald Trump is a unique threat to the constitution and to our country. I have never before used such stark terms to describe an american political leader, democrat or republican. I do not use these words lightly. But trump warrants such dramatic description."

South Jersey congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman is also staying home. She said she plans to stage an interfaith prayer vigil during the inauguration.

A Woman's March on Washington this weekend. Some members of congress are expected to attend.



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