Rising Heroes: PHS partners with community farm to build home garden beds

PHL17 Morning News

Sankofa Community Farm at Bartram’s Garden is an African diaspora farm that specializes in African crops.

The farm recently partnered with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to build more than 50 home garden beds.


“We build garden beds for Southwest and West Philly residents and provide soil seeds and starter plants,” said Hajjah Glover who is the director of the home garden bed program. 

“Once people have their garden beds installed, they are able to harvest their own organic fruits and vegetables or give it to the community,” she said.

Tyler Holmberg is the co-director of the farm and said it is part of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Harvest 2020 initiative.

He said the program will provide thousands of pounds of home-grown produce for Southwest Philadelphia residents and their families.

Holmberg said it will help highlight food sovereignty during the covid-19 pandemic and build a stronger sense of community.

“Supermarkets are packed and people are rushing to make sure they have fresh food,” he said. “We believe that part of stepping out of that system and bringing self-reliance back to the home is supporting people being able to grow food outside of their house.”