Rachel Opens At Sedgwick Theatre

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Jessica Johnson plays the lead character in the play “Rachel”.

“It`s a story of a young woman who through the discovery of information about her family and the world around her comes to realize she is in a world that isn`t for her or seeks to protect her for her young ones”, said Johnson.

The show was originally performed all the back in 1916 in response to the film “Birth of a Nation”.

It was the first play written by an African American author, with an all-black cast, performed in front of an integrated audience.

“Rachel” opened in New York City in 1917 and even though it is set in the past, Johnson says it touches a lot of issues that people can relate today.

“Experiencing what it is like to be called a derogatory term or slur and know what it is like and how it affects your body and how different the world looks after,” said Johnson.

As she reflects on her character, Johnson hopes “Rachel” shows everyone that we all deserve more from each other.

‘We deserve to exist in a space in where we are all safe, we are all seen, we are all heard,” said Johnson. “We are all actively seeking change and improvement.’

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