PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT: Potential Measles Exposure at Newark Liberty International Airport

PHL17 Morning News
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Getty Images/George Frey

NEWARK, NJ (WPHL) — Passengers at Newark Liberty International Airport may have been exposed to yet another case of the measles.  New Jersey health officials say an international traveler confirmed to have the highly contagious disease passed through Terminal B.  The passenger flew in from Tokyo, Japan and then departed for Quebec, Canada from Terminal A.

If you were in Newark Liberty International Airport between May 29 at 5p.m. and May 30 at 3:30p.m., health officials say you may have been exposed to the disease.

Symptoms including rash, high fever, cough and runny nose can develop as late as June 20.  If you suspect that you may have been exposed, you are urged to contact a health care provider.

Click here for more information about potential exposure to the measles.

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