Prevent Your Allergies From Flaring Up this Season with These Tips From a Nurse Practitioner

PHL17 Morning News
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Spring is finally here, but that means allergy season is here too.

Nurse practitioner Kevin Morgan from the CVS Minute Clinic has some tips to help us beat our allergies.

“Pollen counts are high right now,” Morgan said. “Particularly this time of year, tree pollens are dominant. As we transition into drier and hotter climate, we can expect pollen counts to say high.”

Most pollens peak early morning and afternoon.

Because the symptoms are the same, how can we tell the difference between allergies and a cold? “The main difference is the presence of constitutional symptoms,” Morgan said. “So if you have mild fevers, aches, chills or sweats, and your discharge is colorful and thick, that can determine if your illness is something other than allergies.”

So how can we relieve allergy symptoms? Avoiding allergens is key. “Be mindful of daily pollen counts,” Morgan suggests. “Avoid being outside during peak pollen counts in the early morning and afternoon, and avoid windy days.”

You can also prevent bringing allergens in your home. “When you get home, remove your shoes and clothes and wash your hands and face.”

Finally, consider options from the pharmacy. “Start treatment now, preferably 2-4 weeks before your allergy symptoms peak up.”

“There are a lot of effective over the counter options for treatment, but it’s always a good idea to seek a medical evaluation from your primary care provider or practitioners.”

You can get evaluated in the CVS Minute Clinic inside some CVS stores in our area. You can go over your medical history and discuss what options are best for you.