President Trump Unveils Infrastructure Plan

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President Trump unveiled his plan to revamp the country’s infrastructure. It’s a $1.5 trillion dollar proposal.

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The money will go towards fixing roads, bridges and bringing broadband internet to rural areas.

According to the plan, $200 billion of that 1.5 trillion will come from the federal government. The rest is expected to come from state and local tax dollars as well as private sector investment.

Around $100 billion dollars will go to directly to local governments. Another $20 billion will be spent on large scale projects. $50 billion will go towards block grants in rural areas and $30 billion will be spent on existing infrastructure programs.

The President Trump said it's the biggest and boldest infrastructure investment in American history, but democrats think the federal government should put up more money.

"The Trump plan has the skin of an infrastructure plan but it lacks the guts," said Senator Chuck Schumer. "The lack of direct investment would leave out large parts of America, particularly rural America where local governments don't have the money or traffic to attract private sector investment."

Democrats released their own infrastructure proposal over the weekend which includes five-times more federal funding.

The House and Senate will hold hearings this week to examine the president's proposal.

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