Police shoot suspect after he fires at officers following carjacking

PHL17 Morning News

Philadelphia police shot and killed a man after he gunned down a woman.

Police say the 29 year-old suspect entered Saint Luke’s Church and fired a gunshot at a woman before stealing her car keys.

Investigators say he stole her car then crashed it. He then attempted to carjack another woman, but police say she got away. Police say he shot at a 19 year-old woman who drove by a short time later. She later died at the hospital.

Investigators encountered the suspect a short time later. Police say he pointed an AK-47 style weapon at police. Police returned fire but did not hit the suspect.

At one point, police say the suspect attempted to get inside of one of their vehicles but could not drive away because the keys were not in the car.

Police say the suspect did not comply with officers when they asked him to drop his weapon.

According to police, officers shot the suspect.

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