Police look for suspect they say robbed and beat a Korean War veteran over lottery tickets

PHL17 Morning News
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Police are looking for a man they say attacked a Korean War veteran and his wife over lottery tickets.

The attack happened last Wednesday afternoon after the veteran bought lottery tickets at a corner store in west Philadelphia.

This surveillance video shows the suspect spotting William Ravenell paying for the scratch off lottery tickets at the store on 60th and Market Streets.

The suspect exits the store and waits for Ravenell to leave, then begins to follow him home before ambushing him and punching him in the jaw

“This fellow, he asked me for a couple dollars and, I said, ‘I don’t have it,’ so I kept walking. I came in the house. I brought the scratch-offs with me, and then the same fellow came in and knocked me down on the couch and kept punching, punching, punching,” said Ravenell.

Police say the suspect also grabbed Ravenell’s 83 year-old wife and threw her down when she tried to get help.

The suspect managed to get away with 50 to 60 dollars worth of lottery tickets.

Police believe the suspect frequents the area of the store.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.