Pogo Stick Sharing to Challenge E-scooters

PHL17 Morning News
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Lyft, Uber, Citibike, Indego:  There is new kid in town!  Earlier this month, a Swedish-based mobility company announced the launch of Cangoroo, an app-based pogo stick sharing service.

The company plans to deploy hundreds of pogo sticks this summer in select cities to directly complete with electric scooters as a transportation option.  Cangoroo is expected to be on street corners in San Francisco, as well as, Paris, Stockholm, London and Malmö, a city in Sweden.

It will cost $1 to unlock a pogo stick, and after that you pay 30 cents per minute.  Those prices could vary from city to city.

Cangaroo advertises the pogo sticks as fun, healthy, convenient and 100% emission free.

No word yet on if the company will bring the pogo sticks to Philadelphia.

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