PHL17 Community Heroes: Four Camden County Officers Honored for Life-Saving Efforts During Fiery Crash

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PHL17 along with Barb’s Harley-Davidson is setting out to honor local community heroes. This week, four officers from the Camden County Police Department were honored after their life-saving heroism during a fiery crash along I-676. The whole incident was caught on chilling body cam footage.

Days after interviewing Officer Joseph Mair, the first emergency responder on scene of the crash, he was involved in another incident. This time, Officer Mair was the victim.

Just after 10 PM on April 25th, Officer Mair exited his patrol car in Camden. He was struck by a cab, dragging and trapping him underneath the vehicle. The cab then drove off. The crash is under investigation by the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office Crash Team.

Officer Mair is in serious condition with a long road to recovery ahead. Prior to this accident, Officer Mair was honored for his selfless actions along I-676. He was joined by Officer Vaughn Edwards, Brian McCline and Vincent Russomanno during the early morning hours of April 7th.

The crash involved two vehicles badly damaged and on fire. The drivers and passengers were trapped inside.

“The most difficult  part is actually seeing someone inside of a vehicle while it’s burning, fully engulfed and not knowing. You know you’re going to do everything in your power to try and help that person,” said Officer Edwards.

The officers had to bust out windows, a windshield and pry open a driver side door to reach the victims. It was a true testament to service before self.

Two of the four victims suffered extensive burns and medics took them to Cooper Hospital. Camden County officers are still looking for the bystanders who stopped to help.

“I know we’re looking for those Good Samaritans, the ones who really helped out. You know the ones who don’t get paid for this job, the ones who aren’t first responders. If they could come forward that would be awesome,” said Officer Mair.

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