Philly Feeds Foley: UDairy Creamery

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Fresh ice cream tends to gather a crowd and the University of Delaware Creamery is constantly coming up with brand new recipes that are doing just that. On any given day, the UDairy Creamery has 36 flavors of ice cream to choose from and now even feature Colby and Gouda cheese.

The best part about the creamery however, is that it is completely operated by the students in the agriculture program. From the creation of new flavors to production, students run the show and the creamery is entirely self sufficient.

“We don’t use any tuition money. We don’t use any taxpayer money. It’s 100 percent revenue from this store and any donations we get from the outside in,” said Garrett McManus, who is the creamery’s retail operations manager.

The creamery produces anywhere from 100 to 150 gallons of ice cream which supplies the store, dining halls and the creamery’s mobile truck.

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