Philly Feeds Foley: Stove and Tap

PHL17 Morning News

The Stove and Tap restaurant in West Chester is now fully up and running after renovating and opening the spot on Gay Street in early February.

“Let’s leave 2020 behind,” said owner Justin Weathers. “Let’s go full head into like waking back up, having a good time, eating great food, having drinks, seeing the community, seeing the people out and it’s been great.”

The eatery features traditional American fare with customer favorites like the mozzarella cheese curds and the Bomb Burger, two beef patties fully incased in pizza dough and then cooked to temperature in the oven.

“Nothing needs to be life changing in the experience” added Weathers. “I just think what people want now is they just want to go out and say hey I had a great time. That was really fun, the food was great, you know what a great spot.”