Philly Feeds Foley: Nick’s Bar and Grille

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There is a burger generating quite a bit of buzz in Old City. The folks at Nick’s Bar and Grille on Second Street were looking to get out from the umbrella of their previous ownership at Nick’s Roast Beef and showcasing bacon seemed like the perfect way to do it.

“I just love the burger is smoky and salty and then you can put your spices on it, you can put an egg on it,” said restaurant owner Nicole Schultice. “You really can do what you want. It’s a canvas for unlimited things.”

That’s right Nick’s Bar and Grille features a burger patty made from ground bacon. The mix also contains ground beef and for 6 years it’s been presented dozens of ways to keep customers wanting more.

“I would lay in bed at night and think oh my God how about a southwest burger with fried pickles on top? With salsa and jalapenos and make it spicy and it just snow balled from there,” added Schultice.

Nick’s Bar and Grille’s latest concoction is called the BBLT and features the bacon patty, strips of bacon on top with spicy tomato jam and water cress.

“When you come into my home you are going to get my best and it should be the same at my business and I enjoy making people happy,” said Schultice.

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