Philly Feeds Foley: Lamont Coffee and Tea

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Lamont Coffee and Tea has been in staple in West Chester, Pennsylvania for the last 55 year. What began as deliveries of Maxwell House Coffee is now a full service operation with equipment, support and their own roaster.

“Today we do our own coffees, espresso is on the scene and cappuccino and its changed the whole dynamics of the coffee market,” said Lamont Coffee and Tea Owner Joe Lamont.

Lamont’s top coffee seller is its own Turk’s Head Brand which is carefully roasted to maintain consistency.

“West Chester’s original name happened to be Turks Head back in the 17 hundreds, 18 hundreds and we thought about it and said let’s call our new roastery Turks head and it’s kind of  a combination of our history and West Chester’s as well,” added Lamont.

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