Philly Feeds Foley: Gran Cafe L’Aquila

PHL17 Morning News

If you stop by Gran Cafe L’Aquila on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, prepare yourself for a truly authentic experience.

“We had the entire restaurant designed and built in Italy and shipped over here,” said owner Riccardo Longo. “It took 3 years to do but basically we were able to present this authentic representation of the Italian cafe here in Philadelphia.”

The restaurant and Italian market allow guests to get any number of treats and wines directly from Italy but their homemade gelato is by far the most popular item. So popular, they are routinely shipped throughout the continental United States.

“This a taste of Rome,” added Longo. “They’re basically going to try something and say wow that’s what a cheesecake, even though we call it a crostata, a Roman cheesecake tastes like. Even though it’s in the form of a gelato, they are going to have a very authentic Italian experience.”

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