Philly Feeds Foley: Buddakan

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The Coronavirus has taken a toll on so many Philadelphia eateries and Buddakan in Old City is no different. 

“Not everything is going to last for days and weeks ahead of when you bring it into the restaurant, so when we don’t know what the next days hold it can be detrimental to the restaurant as a whole as far as purchasing items you aren’t going to be able to utilize,” said restaurant Assistant Manager Yolanda Gureckas.

The Stephen Starr restaurant has now evolved into a primarily outside dining venue with takeout orders as well. 

“Whether it’s the start of the meal or the end of the meal, whether it’s inside or outside, you should be getting top notch service no matter where you seated with who you’re seated it should always be the same,” added Gureckas. 

While operating from a condensed menu, Buddakan continues to serve restaurant staples like their Edamame Dumplings or Lobster Fried Rice but more than anything employees are just happy to see their customers once again.

“We can finally see or regulars and you know just have that interaction again,” said Gureckas. “Being on the phone and the two seconds it takes to pick up food is only so much that we can give so to have people dining again is huge. “

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