Philadelphia’s When In Need Foundation gears up for ‘Mission of Mercy’ medical trip to Nigeria

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“We wanted the world to see that it really doesn’t take much, it really doesn’t take a huge amount of money to touch…thousands of lives.”

Chetachi Ecton, founder of the When In Need Foundation nonprofit, has made it her life mission to help others, and she wants you to know it’s not hard to do it too.

“My team is really really small, and every mission we do, we do ourselves.” says Ecton, speaking of herself and her three colleagues. “We are on the ground ourselves. We can actually touch thousands of lives.”

The phrase ‘when in need’ sums up the nonprofit’s goal; no matter the need, the WIN Foundation provides it. The nonprofit has provided shoes to children in third world countries, food to the homeless, rebuilt schools in disrepair, and awarded grants for higher education. The nonprofit’s “Mission of Mercy” trips, outreach programs providing items and services to children and individuals, have impacted communities throughout the globe including the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Nigeria, Uruguay, Chile, the U.K., and Italy.

Currently, the WIN Foundation is recruiting for their second Mission of Mercy trip of the year. On November 15, the team will visit three rural communities in Nigeria to provide eye examinations and glasses, and are hoping to serve 5,000 people on the trip. Most of the items needed for the trip are over the counter, including Antacid, Pepto-Bismol, multivitamins, and other pain relievers.

Those interested in aiding the Foundation, head to their gofundme, or check out their Facebook page.


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